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    Tailored Solutions to help you reach for Success

    Date: 2018-06-26

    When customers rely on the cleanliness of their packaging, they turn to Greif. In Mexico, there is a high demand for extremely clean drums used for packaging automotive paint. Mexico is the largest automobile producer in Latin America and OEMs continue to increase their investments in auto manufacturing in the country. Greif Mexico specializes in ultra-clean steel drums, specifically for the automotive paint industry.

    The process consists of washing the drums in a special clean room where it is possible to obtain cleanliness results of less than 0.005 grams. This is available for open head steel drums with or without an internal agitator.

    Axalta, a global manufacturer of vehicle coatings, reached out to Greif in order to meet their customers’ requirements for clean drums. Raul Alberto, Product Manager for Axalta, explains, “The process carried out by Greif in the washing of the drums, gives us the confidence that our products comply with the specification requested by our customers.” 

















    Jorge Arenas, Operator at Greif













    Luis Gabriel Garcia, Quality Engineer at Greif

    For more information regarding the ultra-clean drums available in Mexico, please contact ips.sales@greif.com.


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